Transversal Writing 2015

   Transversal Writing

May - September 2015

The aim of the course Transversal Writing (5 hec) is to provide an academic platform for experimentation in writing based on a) a new materialist, relational or ecologist approach to architecture, design and art, and b) empirical fieldwork investigations straddling between ethnography (slow) and journalism (fast). The course combines focused readings and seminar discussions with forages into ‘the field’, and workshop events.


The course centres on writing as a process-based research method that enables us to explore architecture, design and art’s embeddedness in an indeterminate field of dynamic relations (natural-cultural, economic, political, social) as informed by Félix Guattari’s concept of transversality, a concept also deployed by his occasional collaborator Gilles Deleuze.


The main content of the Transversal Writing course will be delivered concurrently with the 2015 Deleuze Studies Camp, which will be held in the Stockholm archipelago on the island of Utö.


Introduction: Thursday 28 May 2015 10.00-16.00 Stockholm, Konstfack Campus

Deleuze Studies Camp Module: 22-26 June 2015, Utö Stockholm Archipelago

Conclusion: Thursday 24 September 2015


Course responsibility and contact persons are Helene Frichot (helene.frichot [at] and Catharina Gabrielsson (catharina.gabrielsson [at] For more info, see the course description (pdf).