ResArc provides the possibilities for PhD students to present ongoing PhD projects at recurrent seminars as well as international symposia and biennials, designed especially for this purpose.

ResArc Symposia and Seminars

A biannual ResArc Symposium serves as a window of opportunity for doctoral students to develop their presentational skills to an international research audience.

Phd Student Initiated Activities

Peer collaborations are encouraged and supported within ResArc. Phd Students are welcome to form interest groups and initiate activities with financial support from ResArc. Groups can be formed around topics, methods or other fields of interest related to the PhD studies and participation in these group activities can earn credits.

Latest event: Co-laborations - Sharing Authorship and Space in Architectural and Urban Research

11-12 February 2016

The aim of this conference is to discuss the various thematic facets and effects of co-laboration, and to encourage co-writing in architectural research.

By problematizing the notion of collaboration, we seek on the one hand associations to the domain of division of labor – between authors, between researchers and writers, between architects and clients. On the other hand the term also arouses questions related to “laboratory” approaches to design, in the sense testing and communicating design (or design research) ideas in direct contact with the public. Hence, we would like to address the motivations and mechanisms of co-creation, co-making and co-writing, and how they form part of participatory practices.

Keynote lectures:

Hustadt, Inshallah; Performativity and Urban Action

Apolonija Sustersic, Professor and Head of Department at Art & Public space, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Narrating Co-laboration and critique in post-Fordism

Erling Björgvinsson, Parse Professor of Design at the School of Design and Craft, Faculty of Fine Arts, Gothenburg University

In Dialogue: Listening, Learning, Staying Open

Karen Franck, Professor in the College of Architecture and Design at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

For more info, see the reader (pdf), including the collection of conference abstracts.

Past events

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3 May 2016

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LO-RES: Why architecture needs low-resolution critique

17 September 2015

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Green Utopian Practices

14 January 2015

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Participatory Practices in Arts and Architecture

12-13 November 2015

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Architecture: enduring, ephemeral, moving, dust

2 December 2014

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China Lanzhou New Area International Symposium on Urban Development

16-18 October 2014

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Architectural Theory and Methods

10-11 April 2014

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7 March 2014

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Facts and Fictions

3-4 May 2013

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ResArc Kick Off

9-10 February 2012

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