Approaches 2012

   Approaches - Scholarly Craft and Criticism

November 2012 - January 2013


The ResArc PhD course Approaches will be devoted to an introduction to and training in generic and transferable research skills with emphasis on these skills which are specific for the ADA-fields (Architecture, Design and the Arts). The course will consist of three modules with a three-fold objective: (i) orientation and positioning in broader knowledge landscapes, (ii) developing and arguing for own research design and (iii) studying, assessing and disseminating scholarly assessment in relation to architecture in the making and in the making disciplines.

Module 1 Modes of Knowledge Production

This course module is expected to strengthen the participants’ initial epistemological competence.  After completing the course, the PhD students should (i) have been introduced into various existing “knowledge landscapes” as well as to some emerging trends in knowledge production, and they should (ii) be able to position their own research project within these “landscapes” or even trends.

Module 2 Research Design

This course module will introduce its participants to the tasks of: (i) formulating a research design for his / her doctoral project, (ii) giving qualified, written support to the research design of other course participants, and (iii) training in oral and written constructive criticism.

Module 3 Assessing Research Reviewing a Doctoral Thesis

The aim of this module is to train the doctoral students in the “art and craft” of research assessment as an inevitable part of the research profession.

Course responsible: Inger-Lise Syversen, Chalmers architecture

For details, see the course description (pdf).