Theories in Spatial Morphology 2016

   Theories in Spatial Morphology

October - December 2016

The course Theories in Spatial Morphology (5 + 2,5 ECTS) gives a comprehensive introduction to the field of theory in spatial morphology with some in-depth investigations on particular contemporary theories.


The objectives of the course are to give PhD-students a good introduction to the field as a whole and its history and origins so that they will be able to position their own work as well as others in relation to different directions and traditions within the field. The students will also be given a developed presentation of the principal traditions of the field with emphasis on some contemporary theories with particular interest for architectural research. The second module will give an introduction to spatial morphology as a research methodology where the students will be given opportunities to develop ideas and reflect on how this could be applied and be made to support their own PhD-projects.


Module 1: October 12-13, November 16-17

Module 2: December 14-15


Course leader: Lars Marcus (lars.marcus [at]

Course coordinator: Meta Berghauser Pont (meta.berghauserpont [at]


The course is held at Chalmers Architecture, Gothenburg. Application is made by following this link (deadline September 19, 2016).


For more info, see the course description (pdf).